VMMC individual membership is $40.00 per year and a family membership is $60.00 per year. This includes the year’s VMMC helmet sticker so you can show off your support. 

You can also purchase your yearly BCORMA bronze trail pass through us for $45.00 per person, free if under 18 years old. It comes with an identifying helmet sticker too. A portion of this fee helps to support VMMC. 

Our Trail Fun Ride Event is $40, and dates are posted on Facebook.

THANK YOU for the financial support you give by joining VMMC. It helps so much with trail materials, tools, signs, bridges, website and more.

ITEM                                                    RATE     QTY

VMMC Individual Membership     $40            1

VMMC Family Membership           $60            N/A

BCORMA Bronze Trail Pass            $45            1         (free if under 18 years old)

Trail Fun Ride Event                     $40             1       

*Please total your amount and pay below.

Just use our PayPal (donate button below) for payment, you will be emailed a receipt by PayPal. You can also pay by e-transfer to ( if you prefer.

Memberships – Yearly Subscription

Working together to make Vedder Better 

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