Vedder Mountain Motorcycle Club (formerly CORMC Cascade Off-Road Motorcycle Club) is a founding member of the Vedder Mountain Trails Association (VMTA) which is a working volunteer association of motorized and non-motorized recreational groups that share the trails. VMTA is considered one of the most progressive multi-user trail associations in the world. (provide link for VMTA:

Vedder Mountain Motorcycle Club (VMMC) is a not for profit organization and has meetings on the first Wednesday of each month.

The Board:
Ray Heppner – President/Treasurer
Brian Dick – Vice President
Scott Deck – Secretary
Mike Post – Secretary
Stuart Kilpatrick – Web
Chris Rawlinson – Memberships
Dan Lieuwen – Maps
Scott Storteboom – Maps
Dave Lock – BCCORMA
Ace Penner – Signs

Members At Large:
Pat Morrison
Franklin Dahl
Shane Dumas
Ted Roosen
Dayne Baier

We greatly appreciate every single volunteer effort to help keep Vedder trails clear and usable. Please avoid riding the trails when it is excessively wet as this damages the trail integrity and can make considerable repair work.