Welcome to Vedder Mountain Motorcycle Club. We are a group of over 250 local riders who ride and care for approximately 200 km of single track trails on Vedder mountain near Chilliwack. These world class dirt bike trails are considered intermediate and are not suitable for beginning or quad riders. Obstacles include soft soil, rock step-ups, narrow side hills, switch backs, bridges, tight trees and more. Experienced riders welcome. Please consider joining us for fun rides to enjoy these beautiful trails and on mountain clean up days to keep them ready to ride. We ask all riders to adhere to the provincial legislation for off-road bike insurance and mufflers that allow 96 decibels or less.

Trail Etiquette – 2018 update

Wet weather best practices riding guide:

Most trail damage/erosion happens from wet weather riding and/or poor trail design.

10 Suggestions to consider

1. Wait 1 day after each inch of rain(ex 1”-Wed.,1”-Thurs., wait 2 days and ride Sunday).
2. Instead of riding in wet/snowy conditions consider contacting the club to do trail maintenance, then hike in to improve a section of trail that needs some attention. It’s also a good workout.
3. Avoid riding trails beyond your ability especially in wetter conditions.
4. Avoid spinning the tire, ride smooth.
5. Have a good tire.
6. It is not cool to chew up rain or snow saturated trails, volunteers have better trail projects to work on or even better yet ride.
7. Don’t trail braid to avoid puddles most of them are shallow with a solid base or pack a small or folding shovel and drain, Allenby hardware in Yarrow has good small non folding shovels.
8. Avoid loamy and especially uphill loamy trails when wet
9. Don’t dig a big rut below a root, lift the bike over.
10. Keep butt planted on seat to get better traction in those tricky spots (no weight on rear tire = no traction).

Consider joining the club and purchasing an annual membership and trail pass to contribute the ongoing trail maintenance projects and bridge building. It is only a fraction of the cost of a annual fitness or golf membership, or season pass skiing.
As the trails have been developed and maintained by volunteers and there have been thousands of volunteer hours and dollars invested. Let’s all contribute to keep the trails sustainable and presentable.