Most trail damage/erosion happens from wet weather riding and/or poor trail design.

1.  Wait 1 day after each inch of rain(ex 1”-Wed.,1”-Thurs., wait 2 days and ride Sunday).

2.  Instead of riding in wet/snowy conditions consider contacting the club to do trail maintenance, then hike in to improve a section of trail that needs some attention. It’s also a good workout.

3.  Avoid riding trails beyond your ability especially in wetter conditions.

4.  Avoid spinning the tire, ride smooth.

5.  Have a good tire.

6.  It is not cool to chew up rain or snow saturated trails, volunteers have better trail projects to work on.

7.  Don’t trail braid to avoid puddles most of them are shallow with a solid base or pack a small or folding shovel and drain, Allenby hardware in Yarrow has good small non folding shovels.

8.  Avoid loamy and especially uphill loamy trails when wet

9.  Don’t dig a big rut below a root, lift the bike over.

10.  Keep butt planted on seat to get better traction in those tricky spots (no weight on rear tire = no traction).


1.  When visiting Vedder for the first time, please read the trail signs to confirm the level of difficulty. These trails at Vedder Mtn are considered to be between intermediate and expert level single track riding with soft soil.

2.  If you are stuck, try to prevent spinning your tire as this drills the trail. Either push, get help or turn around if you get caught a rut. Please be respectful of the volunteer work that has been done to maintain these sweet trails.

3.  It is a good idea to pack a handsaw to help keep the trails clear and safe for all. Cut trees and face slappers well back from the edge of the trail. Stop and move fallen trees out of the way if you can. This helps prevent trail braiding around the fallen trees making lots of extra repair work.

4.  Absolutely no dirtbike riding on Mountain Bike Trails. Before proceeding on any trail that you are not familiar with, check the signage to confirm its designated use. Also it is not a good idea to ride alone. Watch for oncoming traffic at all times.

5.  On extremely wet or snowy days please do not ride at Vedder. This will prevent serious trail damage and extra maintenance work to repair the soft terrain. Other riding locations that have more rock, like  the Nicklemine area in Hope or Chipmunk creek near Chilliwack Lake have more sustainable terrain in wet climates.

6.  Vedder Mtn trails are used by many people and user groups from VMTA like Mtn bikers, Hikers, Runners, Horseback riders and us, Dirt bikers! Please Yield to other users so they can pass safely around you. To show how we respect them and their safety, shut your bike off around horseback riders. There is room for all of us at Vedder Mtn.

7.  Just a note, you should have proper third party $1,000,000 liability (www.oasis, registration, and an ICBC plate on your bike. Keep your Driver’s licence on you at all times,  especially on forest service roads. The fine is up to $375 if you are caught without these items.

8.  Clean up after yourselves please. We all need to take our garbage out when we go. No one will do it for you.

9.  VMMC  depends on memberships and donations of any size for the purchase of club tools, expenses and raw materials as needed to maintain the trails and bridges at Vedder Mtn. We can always use  volunteers as well. Come out to help with projects or stop to help us for a bit if you see us working while you are riding. Everything you can help with is very much appreciated.

Working together to make Vedder better