Trail Maintenance Work Parties

Volunteers continually build and maintain the trails we enjoy, to date we have installed over 30 bridges, you are welcome to help anytime.

1. VMMC will have trail maintenance days usually once a month. We will post it on our calendar and on Facebook including the date and time to meet. We also plan to help out other clubs like Blue Mtn and Chipmunk when they have work parties. When we work together, we meet new people to ride with and get to know the riding areas better.

2.  If there is a storm or lots of windfall or trees down, we will post to ask for your help to get together to clear the trails. Also if you’re out on the trails and see some stuff that is too difficult to remove on your own, note the trail. Then shoot us a message, post it on the website or FB so we can get it dealt with asap to keep the trails safe for all.

3.  We will usually close the trail called Stairway in the winter.It can become very challenging and closing it will cut down the excess trail damage that could occur when riders get stuck. Sometimes, we may block off a different section of trail for the same reason and we ask that riders leave the closure in place. We will open it as soon as it is rideable.

4.  Quite a few of us also enjoy the PNWMA race series and so we will try to avoid scheduling any work parties on these dates. This will include most weekends in May, June and September.

5.  We will keep you posted on when we will be having our Vedder Mtn. fun ride. We are looking forward to putting it on. As the trails improve with better bridges and repairs this ride is only going to be better than before! The amount of people that have joined the club on FaceBook is great to see. Thanks for all the support.

6.  The Mountain bikers and Runners usually have a event a few times a year up at Vedder and if we know a date we will post it to let you guys know about it. This way we can give them some space to have their fun and be respectful of their event. We all share this awesome mountain and want to keep it that way.

7.  You will see in the pictures and when you ride Vedder that VMMC has a huge passion for making the trails and riding sweeter. This is what we love to do. Volunteers are the main reason we have the trails at all and we really appreciate the guys that have come out and help make stuff happen.


Some pics of what we do –



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Working together to make Vedder better